A “Balanced” Diet Does Not Include junk

balancePeople love addictive and damaging foods so much that they delude themselves into thinking it’s Ok. They lie to themselves and consider waffles part of a healthy diet. You know…as long as it isn’t included in every meal. That’s cute.

Companies who sell junk love to cite ignorant doctors and scientists who claim “ice cream can be part of a balanced diet when not consumed to excess”. I call bullshit on this. It’s a lovely way to justify eating addictive and damaging foods. I’m sure heroin junkies would love to hear that heroin can be part of a healthy lifestyle when not consumed to excess. Alcoholics always lean on the fact that small amounts of alcohol in the diet can be beneficial. The amount they consume far, far exceeds any healthy amount but it sure helps them sleep at night.

You don’t have to “balance” your diet with trash. You can balance your diet with meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. How does adding cheesecake in there make it any more BALANCED? It doesn’t. It means you’re eating cheesecake and you’re eating it because it’s like a drug and it makes you feel good. Just like heroin. You are then justifying it with silly little sayings like “A Balanced diet” or “Everything in moderation.”

You’ll hear many people recommending a “Balanced” diet to you. It’s a vague concept meant to imply that you should eat a little bit of everything. I think it is somehow meant to imply that eating some junk (processed food, candy, soda, whatever) is part of a normal diet. It isn’t! I’m not so sure how junk balances into the equation. I’m all for eating a variety¬†of healthy foods but too often “balanced” tends to mean “anything.”

Most people who advocate or claim to eat a “balanced diet” do nothing of the sort. They eat a diet skewed heavily towards artificial, man-made, processed garbage. The term “balanced diet” is a cop out excuse that allows people to justify eating trash.

“Why can I eat this chunk of chocolate cake at the end of my meal? Well, besides the fact that I just want to and it feels good, I already ate some bread, vegetables, meat, dairy and fruit today. Therefore, I am entitled and probably should eat this cake. It’s all part of a balanced diet!”

No one ever verbalizes it this way but it is in fact the way most of us justify eating foods that have no benefit and only harm us.

“Candy? Soda? It’s all safe because hey, most of my diet is real food…”

Please, do yourself a favor and don’t lie to yourself. You could eat a piece of candy or a doughnut and understand it may contribute to acne or other disease but don’t assume it’s benign or write it off as a harmless, tasty morsel in your “balanced diet.” The only safe amount of junk is zero!

Healthy native Inuit people often subsisted solely off of fish and seal blubber for months at a time. The Masai tribe of Africa is known to live on mostly meat and raw milk for long stretches; even draining blood from cattle in times of drought. Do these sound like “balanced” diets? They are not, yet these people suffered no acne or other modern diseases of civilization. That’s because a “balanced” diet isn’t necessary in order to obtain optimal health and perfect skin. Eating real food and avoiding junk is.

A balanced diet is simply a term we’ve invented to sell each other corn flakes and cinnamon buns. It’s a way to justify eating anything at all. How else could you justify eating marshmallows? You have to lie to yourself and tell yourself that it’s ok as long as it’s part of a “Balanced Diet.”

It’s a term that allows us to justify eating everything in sight. Why else do we need to visit every aisle in the supermarket?

My diet is extremely “balanced.”

It included meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, nuts and berries. I obtain all the fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals I could possibly need and more.

Completely balanced.
Completely balanced.

How does bread, sugar, corn and vegetable oil add anything to that equation? I foresee no balance coming my way by adding that trash.

Do yourself a favor and ignore the advice about “balancing” your diet with garbage.



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