My name is Mike and I am 30 years old. I battled acne between the ages of 14 and 29. After a 15 year learning process, I have discovered the keys to ending acne.

Beginning around 1999, when I entered High School, I encountered the dreaded skin condition so many experience. It started out as little red bumps on my forehead or in between my eyebrows. A year or two later it was attacking my cheeks. I would routinely wake up in 10th and 11th grade with a new pimple or four every day. No, it wasn’t severe acne or the worst I’d ever seen. It was moderate but still highly depressing and upsetting.

September 2002. Age 17. Grainy pic but it’s there.

I wish I had more photos of my acne at it’s peak but I did not like being photographed close-up during this time.

Treatment attempts

At first, I did the usual. Somewhere in early 2001 I had my mother take me to the dermatologist. I was prescribed Clindamycin pads and Doxycycline antibiotic pills. These seemed to help a little. I wasn’t happy with this method, even though it was somewhat effective. I didn’t think a 16 year old should have to be taking antibiotics every day that increased his sensitivity to sun exposure. It just made no sense. “I should be healthy as a horse, in the prime of my life.” I thought. I discontinued the medicine.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2002, I began scouring the internet for some kind of root cause, some kind of information that would lead me down a more natural healing path.

I tried taking powdered vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid. People on the internet were reporting good success with megadoses of this vitamin. B5 caused a massive initial outbreak that I had been warned about. It was so bad that I became distraught and depressed. I had at least 30 pimples on my face. I discontinued B5, not willing to wait it out, not willing to eat handfuls of powdered vitamins every day because again, this made no sense to me.


Not long after that, in the Fall of 2002, I steered myself towards changing my diet. I felt an inkling that acne must have a dietary link, contrary to what my well-meaning dermatologist had told me. I stumbled across the diet that really changed everything for me. Something was beginning to click.

Feb. 2003. Age 17. The diet is working.
Spring 2003. Age 18. The diet immediately cleared my skin. Some scars remain.

I spent the next few years relatively acne-free. Throughout this period, roughly 2003 – 2011, acne was not really a part of my life anymore. I started to ease up on the diet. I added some villains back in for sheer convenience. I didn’t think it mattered for me so much anymore. Maybe I had “grown out” of it.


Not until around the end of 2012, when I was 27, did acne begin to reemerge. It attacked my forehead, under my mouth, and along my jawline this time. I immediately reverted back to the diet that had originally cleared my skin 10 years prior. But this time it wasn’t so easy to destroy acne. I couldn’t explain why. It was a persistent son of a bitch this time around.

Late 2012. Age 27. Resurgence.
Late 2012. Age 27. New lessons to learn.

Acne Ended

I spent the next two years tweaking my diet and lifestyle until acne stopped appearing. In 2014, at age 29 I had it completely under control once again. This website is all about the things I have learned and conveying to you the things that I do every day to maintain total dominance over acne.

2015. Age 30. Clear.
2015. Age 30. Clear.

Acne no longer has any power in my life or any effect over me, whatsoever. As I’ve hammered out the solid core principles in avoiding acne, I’ve been put into a good position to share it with others. The best part is that it involves no soap or medication of any kind.

I believe acne has been a gift in my life. I think acne is an early warning signal. Acne is a sign that you are doing something wrong. I was one of the lucky ones that saw it this way and responded. I changed my life in a way that I believe has benefited my health greatly. Therefore, acne has changed me and made me a healthier, better person. Let me share why I believe this and what I’ve done to turn the situation in my favor.

I have created this site in order to share the method I have used and continue to use in order to keep acne subdued. I will not soften anything, I will not attempt to make it palatable or politically correct. I will give it to you straight, fraught with my opinions and personal experience. You won’t find silly titles like “3 easy ways to end acne!” on this site. Just stone cold, difficult truth that I’ve discovered the hard way. I will, however, try to keep it as simple and to the point as possible because I know you wish to crush acne and move on with your life, as I did.

I think I can offer some experience and advice that will be beneficial to people suffering acne. If I can succeed in helping one person end their acne then all my writing has accomplished it’s goal.