Beverages to Avoid Acne

glass_waterWhen it comes to what to drink while Ending Acne, I can only recommend the following:

  • water
  • seltzer water
  • mineral water
  • black coffee without sugar
  • teas without milk or sugar
  • possibly home-made juice
  • possibly unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk
  • possibly alcohol with extreme discretion

Day to day

You want to be drinking things that are available in nature or with very little human intervention. Water is the first and obvious choice and should make up 90% of your fluid intake. I personally drink a ton of seltzer water out of cans. I do this for convenience and because I love it. Sparkling mineral water is another good option. Mineral water naturally contains trace minerals that will add to your diet, often times along with naturally occurring carbonation. You can drink virtually unlimited amounts of any type of water. Just make sure they do not contain even the slightest bit of sweetener. Read the ingredients.

delicious_coffeeCoffee is my secondary beverage besides water and at times I drink a lot. The caveat being, of course, that it contains absolutely zero milk or sugar. Even if you dump raw milk into the coffee you are in effect pasteurizing it if it is hot enough. Be mindful of this. I only drink black coffee and limit it to 2-3 12oz cups per day. If you buy it in a can or bottle, be extremely cautious as it is rarely black coffee alone. Read ingredients.

The best part about black coffee is that when you buy it in a coffee shop like Starbucks, you don’t have to go wait on the secondary line with all the sugar junkies. They just fill the cup and hand it to you at the cash register.

Teas are a great choice because they contain less caffeine than coffee. You’ll find a huge variety of teas ranging from black to red to green to white to herbal. You could devote an entire website to tea so I will leave it at that. Of course, don’t be adding any milk or sugars. Drink them plain and enjoy the simplicity and natural aromas and flavors.

I don’t really recommend any fruit juices. If you must have them, they can be juices you’ve made at home. Any juice from the store is going to be pasteurized (cooked), making the sugar more damaging to your body. Even when home made, I feel it is just too much fruit and sugar to be drinking but if it helps you stay 100% then drink homemade, raw fruit juices.

Vegetable juices made at home are probably safe. I do not do this but wouldn’t condemn it either. There is little sugar in green vegetables and you will obtain a lot of vitamins and minerals this way. Have at it. Just be sure it is raw, home-made. You don’t want pasteurized, store bought nonsense.

Dairy in general is another topic entirely but if you have access to raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk products, you may consider drinking those. I would probably not use them upon first implementing this diet but you may wish to consider adding it back later and see how you fare.


Alcohol is questionable. For years I drank plenty of straight liquor like vodka and whiskey. I also drank some beer. I knew they came from grains but figured I’d take the chance anyway. Being young, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun. It never seemed to wreck my skin but I can’t say for certain that it didn’t hurt.

Alcohol can definitely affect your skin in one way. You are more likely to say, “Fuck it!” and eat junk when you are drunk, the same way you are more likely to say “Fuck it!” and punch a cop in the face. Consider this loosening of inhibitions before you drink around junky food.

These days, due to other reason, I don’t drink at all and so this is not a factor for me. As with many things, you may want to abstain until you clear your skin and then slowly add a little alcohol back in to see how you respond.

That’s my guide for beverages. I feel it offers a decent selection. There is no reason at all to drink pasteurized juices, store bought milk, or sodas of any kind. All you will be doing is sabotaging your health and skin. Of course, for any and all beverages, as well as foods, whenever at all possible read the ingredients!




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