Don’t Live in Denial

“My diet isn’t that bad”.

“My friends all eat garbage and their skin is FINE so that CANT be the answer!”

“No one else is doing this.”

“I’ll grow out of acne anyway”.

“My doctor said diet has no effect on acne.”

“If I just take this medicine, it should go away”.

“Fine, then maybe THIS medicine”.

and on and on and on.

There’s a million and one reasons to keep doing what you’re doing and not make any changes. Making changes sucks! Making changes is uncomfortable. It’s MUCH easier to take a little pill every day or wash your skin a certain way in the hopes of eliminating acne than is it to completely renovate your diet and lifestyle. It’s much easier to say “eh it’s only temporary” so you can continue to eat pizza with your friends. It’s much easier to add a medication than to subtract a favorite food.

You must be wrong because that sounds hard.
You must be wrong because that sounds hard.
I totally understand the comfort zone thing. I totally understand wanting to fit in.

I just prefer not to kid myself and I prefer not to live in denial. The risks of eating bread or vegetable oil far outweigh any benefits for me; convenience, social, or otherwise. I also look at acne as an early warning signal. If it’s causing my acne, what else will it cause later? It may be difficult at first but the results are unmistakable and really can’t be replicated by medicine or soap.

You can live your life in ignorant bliss, lie to yourself, pretend you’re doing everything you can and yeah, maybe with some luck and time your acne will subside. Maybe you will grow out of acne. Maybe your body will finally learn to just deal with all the garbage you cram in your stomach every day and won’t react with pimples anymore. Maybe your 3rd round of Accutane will finally beat your body into submission and your skin will be unable to produce any more oil.

I would just like to remind you that you get one body in this life. It’s up to you to use it carefully and wisely; to preserve it. You can do what everyone else is doing and take it on good faith that they have your best health interests in mind but I would advise you to recognize the truth that the current popular Western way of living is causing disease. Acne is one of many.

Hey, why bother? All your health problems will just go away when you die.

In reality, my preferred world of living, acne is screaming, “YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG”. Many are responding with, “Is this the pill you’re looking for?” or “Maybe a different soap is the answer…” or “How could cereal and pizza have any effect on my skin? I should do a second round of antibiotics”.

Or maybe…

you should just take a look at your life and figure out why you have acne in the first place. I know… It’s hard. It involves facing reality. It involves accepting you can’t eat a quick bowl of cereal in the morning for breakfast. You can’t just eat a bagel from the stale pile at the store. You can’t just pick up some pizza or a sandwich for dinner. You are going to have to start cooking. All the time. Not Easy. I know it sucks. I really think acne sucks more.

Take a look around you. Do modern people seem healthy to you? Have you noticed how people eat bread at every meal? Do you think maybe we screwed this up a little? Does an obesity rate in the US of 35% seem bad enough for you? Does $147 billion seem like an excessive cost for obesity-related problems? It’s an epidemic. (if you don’t believe me)

While we’re on the topic, let’s be honest. You’re not trying to rationalize eating “some bread”. You don’t intend to sit down with a heavy piece of sprouted whole-grain bread. You want to justify eating some pizza. You want your life to be easy. You want to eat what everyone else is eating.

Don’t tell me that eating bread and pasta is normal. It’s only normal for sick people. Don’t try to tell me that pizza is food. I won’t believe that drinking any amount of soda is ever OK. You should not fall for these lies either. Food comes from the earth in an edible state. It does not come out of a factory with 14 ingredients.

Don’t be this kind of person. Don’t live in denial. Don’t make excuses. Suck it up. Accept the truth. Deal with some initial pain and then reap the rewards.

Live in denial and suffer or face reality and thrive. It is up to you.

Do you really want to “hope” acne goes away? Do you really want to “hope” that it’s only a surface condition with nothing possibly going on inside your body with your organs that may cause an early death?

Do you really want to take medicine, like Accutane?

Do you really think you should be eating pizza and ice cream EVER?

Don’t you think life might be simpler if you didn’t eat manmade garbage, didn’t take medicine to treat garbage-induced afflictions?


Would you rather eat and live in a way that ends acne? Could that possibly have some other rewards?

Do you really want to live in denial?


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