It’s Up to You

ninja_boxerAcne is not a public health concern. Until we have fatalities related to acne, no one is going to put serious effort into finding a cure. We have bigger problems to deal with.

Why should anyone be worried about finding a cure for acne when we still have yet to cure cancer, heart disease, and diabetes? The only person who’s going to have the incentive to reverse and prevent acne from the root is you.

The first thing you must accept about acne is that it’s your problem.

You absolutely must take full responsibility for your skin. No one else has any reason to pay it any mind. Why should they? Put into perspective, your acne is not a problem. It’s just some red bumps on some person’s face. Aside from those red bumps, you’re fine. Yes, there is psychological and social damage but we’re not dealing with PTSD here. You are priority number 6,000.

Dermatologists don’t really care if you end your acne. Your friends don’t really care. Your family doesn’t really care. You are still alive, you are still speaking and walking around. It would be far different if you were sick with cancer and people feared you may die. Then they may actually care about your condition. They may put their life on hold to help you find the answer. Not so with acne. They view it as a mild, relatively inconsequential and transient stage of life. You’ve got some pimples? Big deal. They will never tell you this, but it’s true.

I know it is a big deal to you. Especially if it is severe. A former or current sufferer will also sympathize with you.

The trick is to take full responsibility, ignore everyone else and put an end to acne. You are giving yourself acne and you can put an end to it. If you cannot accept your current condition as “normal” then we have the beginning of a good situation. You have arrived at the place where you wish to do something about it. Great.

Then you must take responsibility because no one else cares. Profit making is far more important to the globe than your skin. Multinational, multibillion dollar corporations are perfectly happy to sell you “treatments”; topicals, gels, creams, ointments, pills, moisturizers, and juicing equipment. They don’t want to sell you a cure. It is entirely in your hands to take care of this problem and it will never go away until you do something.

Personally, I became tired of hearing that I would “grow out of it”. I took the stance that it should never exist in the first place. After all, it is a disease, and diseases can be cured and reversed in many cases. Diseases are not “normal.” Why is acne any different?

It will not be reversed for those who only listen to the whims of others and never take the reins themselves. You are the only person who can effectively combat this; your personal problem.

Do not wait around for a cure. Do not put all your faith in the latest and greatest acne drug. Do not count on doctors and medicine to fix your problem while you carry on ignorant, gullible, and naive.

There’s no reason any sane person should treat the symptoms of a preventable and reversible disease.


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