“Treats” or “Cheating” Are Never Worth It

submarineWant to know the fastest way to torpedo and sink your most valiant efforts?

Have “cheat” days or little “treats.”

After all, if you are eating so well most of the time, what’s the harm in having 2% junk in your diet? Right?

It doesn’t work. You are only sabotaging yourself.

2% junk is enough for me personally to break out. Think about it like this: If you were trying to quit smoking, would you have one or two cigarettes a week just as a treat? No way. Everyone knows that cold turkey is the only way to ever break free.

The same goes for junk food.

To sample small amounts of junk food is to rationalize your drug use. It is essentially the same as talking yourself into allowing 1 or 2 cigarettes. What’s the point? To relieve a craving?

Any recovered addict will tell you that the craving and desire for a drug (in this case food) subsides over time. You may miss it for the first few months but in time the desire dies. Kill your desire for junk food.

You will eventually lose the desire and cravings for garbage food like pizza, bread, pasta, and ice cream. I do not and never miss any of these foods. For the first couple months? Sure. After 6-8 months? Not at all. The longer it’s been since you last ate any garbage, the less you will desire any.

Why introduce the anxiety?

After you begin seeing results, the last thing you will want to do is have a “cheat” Saturday with your buddies and eat some pizza and ice cream only to wonder if that’s what made your acne worse on Wednesday. It just isn’t worth it.

Don’t bother!

If you don’t eat any crap, you have so much less to worry about. You don’t have to worry about your skin as much and you definitely don’t have to worry about your general health as much. It’s one less thing to worry about!

The cleaner you can keep your diet, the less junk you keep out, the less anxiety you will have, the greater your chances of success, the greater your chance of sticking with the program, the less acne you will ever experience.

Cheating leads to failure.

If you have a cheat day and eat even a little junk one day, then get acne a few days later, you may throw your hands up and say “Screw this. It doesn’t work.” But you don’t really know if it works or not. You have not given it 100%. You have given it 95% and you have no good excuse why. You just wanted a tasty little treat.

Don’t do it.

You will thank yourself later when all cravings disappear.

OMGGGG. CAN’T RESIST. Wait…yes I can.

Going 100% strict is easier.

Make it easy on yourself. Go 100%. It gives you less to think about. When you only eat enormously healthy, amazing foods then you never have to doubt your efforts. If you never cheat or have treats then you never have to wonder when you can do it again. You will never have thoughts like “Did I eat ice cream last weekend or the weekend before that?” The answer is simple. It’s never. In time, you won’t even miss it.

My Exception

The only “exception” I ever make is eating meat and vegetables at restaurants, which will inevitably and eventually contain some form of vegetable oil. However, I never order desserts, bread, or any kind of “Treat.” If you can consider this cheating or a treat, it is the only one I can think of that I partake in.


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