Why You Shouldn’t Eat “Everything in Moderation”

This is another popular and stupid saying that I love. You hear this all the time:

“Everything in moderation, buddy!”

Yes. Just eat and do everything and life should work out just fine. Why deny ourselves of anything?!

Only drink and drive in moderation!
Only drink and drive in moderation!

Can I shoot heroin in moderation? Should you snort coke in moderation? Swing an axe in a crowded train station in moderation?

Nope. Clearly there are things that should just never be performed.

Personally, I don’t drink any soda in moderation or ever. I don’t eat cake or ice cream, in moderation or ever. You know what I suffer from never doing these things?


I don’t suffer the least bit from not being moderate at all. I don’t moderate them one little bit. I evicted them from my life entirely and you can do the same. No moderation needed!

So we can see the saying “Everything in moderation.” is stupid because there are things you need none of. I can give you a list of things you need never moderate and need never consume at all:

Grains, dairy, refined sugars, and vegetable oils.

I don’t moderate these things one bit and neither should you. I just don’t eat them!

“Everything in moderation!” is the slogan for someone who will justify any bad behavior. “What’s wrong with drinking, doing drugs, eating candy, ice cream, donuts, waffles, and marshmallows? Everything in moderation!”

Don’t you buy it for a second. It’s another way to excuse a poor diet, to excuse fitting in with the crowd and eating things that will destroy our skin and health.

I do moderate certain things. I moderate my intake of stupid opinions from naive, ignorant people. That’s something I heavily moderate. Even if they have an M.D.



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