You Must Cook to End Acne

Your new best friend.
Your new best friend.

Cooking is a bitch. Fortunately for us, that means it’s an investment with a huge payoff.

It’s a lot of work; not even counting the cleanup. It’s not exactly desirable to spend a couple hours a day dealing with food prep and cleanup. On top of the work in the kitchen, you must spend an hour or two per week shopping and reading ingredients in the store.

Despite all of this, cooking comes with major benefits and is entirely worth the effort. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s the only reasonable and intelligent eating option that keeps acne at bay.

Food that doesn’t cause acne just doesn’t come in ready-to-eat packages. Food that doesn’t cause acne is pulled from the ground, chopped off an animal, plucked from a tree, cooked, and eaten. It doesn’t spend very much, if any, time in a factory, frozen, or microwaved. You will never live with optimal health or perfectly clear skin if you insist on picking up meals at a drive through window or nuking something that came out of a cardboard box. You shouldn’t be ordering very many ready-to-eat meals delivered to your doorstep. You won’t even do very well eating the hot food section at Whole Foods.

The only way to truly, really fight and crush acne from the inside out is to feed your body with whole, natural, paleo foods cooked right in your kitchen. Doesn’t it make perfect sense? First you hit the grocery store and stock up on a week or two’s worth of food and then you cook it at home. That’s the number one way to maintain health and be acne-free. Simple, right? This way is the way most humans ate throughout history. You gather raw foods, you cook them at home, and you eat. It really isn’t advanced stuff. It just requires some forethought and work.

Even science agrees with the notion. A study published in the June 2015 issue of Public Health Nutrition concluded,

” Cooking dinner frequently at home is associated with consumption of a healthier diet whether or not one is trying to lose weight. Strategies are needed to encourage more cooking among the general population and help infrequent cookers better navigate the food environment outside the home.” (source)

We’ve shifted away from healthy habits.

What do most people do? They may cook some pasta twice a week. They may microwave a frozen meal once a week. They order pizza or chinese food once a week. They cook some chicken breast here and there. They are lazy. This is considered “normal.” It’s normal in the U.S. and the rest of the Westernized world to be lazy and eat whatever is most convenient.

To end your acne, you can’t be normal. Normal is what got you here in the first place. You can’t be “normal” and be acne-free. You can’t really fit in at all and heal acne from the inside out. You have to be willing to stand out as odd and one of those ways is to cook every day. One day, I believe that what we do here will be the new normal.

Living at high speed, rushing around ruins health and causes acne.

busy_mom_1The society we live in today lends itself to speed. We don’t value the nutrients we get from fresh, unprocessed, cooked at home foods. We value LIFE ON THE MOVE. Important to most people today is making money, growing their business, getting that job, being early, on time, being a mother and a business owner at the same time, working out, updating twitter accounts, catching up on HBO. Most people do not leave much time to properly feeding, fueling their body. We tend to look at food as fuel, like filling up with 87 octane at the gas pump. Just pour it in and keep moving. That’s the way most Westernized people live. What a mistake! It works for cars and trucks but it doesn’t really work so well for humans.

We know all calories aren’t equal. 100 calories of ice cream is of course very different in your body than 100 calories of walnuts. Of course! It’s obvious anyway. It just isn’t fully acknowledged throughout the world but that’s OK. At least you know. All that matters is that YOU take advantage of the information.

Convenience is a short term benefit.

Convenience is probably the single greatest enemy we have in our quest to eliminate acne and become healthier. Most foods that come pre-prepared and ready to eat are usually worthless, damaging, or both. The truth is healthy food goes bad quickly. Healthy food requires refrigeration and cooking before you can eat it. Most restaurants can’t afford to offer this.

Cheap restaurants rely on being able to put away whatever they didn’t sell today so they can sell it tomorrow. Fast food chains like Wendy’s, Burger King, Chipotle, and Subway are super convenient. They are also terrible for your skin. They rely on bread. They use frozen food that is loaded with preservatives and sugar. They deep fry a lot of their food in vegetable oils. They do not care about your health. They care about profits. They can’t be throwing food away.

If you want to have other people prepare your food for you, so you can just sit down and eat it without ruining your skin in the process; the only option you really have is expensive restaurants. Expensive restaurants cook real pieces of meat in butter and olive oil (if you pick the right restaurants), steam vegetables and then charge you up the ass for it. That’s your only option. Many use organic, free-range, hormone free meat. You can always ask what they use. Eating at these places or picking up dinner occasionally will only hurt your wallet.

Convenience or health? Which is more important to you? Convenience is a minimum wage paycheck: dependable, easy, and bad for you. Health pays dividends: takes time to invest, to build, and then rewards you exponentially for decades. It’s totally up to you.

Be the master of your food.

The reason you MUST cook at home is because then you will control the ingredients and methods. Do you not want to eat food cooked in margarine, canola oil and other garbage? Of course you don’t. You definitely don’t have to if you cook it yourself. You decide what goes in. You make sure that all that the food contains is regular meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries. You make sure the oils used for cooking are traditional fats like butter, ghee, lard, coconut oil and olive oil. You can choose to cook organic if you want. You can choose the portion size. You can finely control how cooked the food actually is. No overdone steak here. There are endless advantages to cooking your own food.

Most restaurants will use some form of vegetable oil in their dishes. It could be that they cook the meat in it, they put it in the salad dressing, or the butter isn’t even real butter. You can never really truly know the ingredients if you don’t make the food yourself.

Make time for cooking, not excuses.

Does it take more time and effort to cook your own meals? Of course. That’s why it has a great benefit. It is really a sacrifice you have to make if you want control of your skin.

If you say to yourself, “I don’t have time to cook, so this option is out.” you will simply never reap the real rewards of being healthy and acne-free from the inside out. You will also be lying to yourself.

Saying you don’t have time to cook is bullshit. You have time to check e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, take showers, watch Game of Thrones, mow the lawn, meet friends for coffee and talk on the phone. You can certainly find some room every week to cook. You can make room for an extremely important, life-changing decision. You just have to want clear skin bad enough.

Think of food as any other investment.

No one questions the value of going to the gym every week. It is understood that building a great body takes time, effort, and commitment. Food works the exact same way. Why would you put garbage food made behind closed doors into your body? There is simply never a good reason. Time-saving and laziness are the reasons we do it.

To eat pre-made food with questionable ingredients is to accept that you don’t really care what happens to your skin.

Laziness will pay off in the short term, for sure. You can sit around, be fed, not cook, not do any dishes. The cost will be in your true health. The person who cooks will invest time, energy, and have to learn. They will be paid off in the long term and in the end with greater health, less acne and a longer lifespan.

cat_chef_cooking_fishMake the time commitment, sacrifice other less important schedule-eaters, and cook. You will be rewarded greatly over the long term. Your body will incorporate better nutrients into it’s structure, your skin will look better, and you will be more resistant to other disease.

To save some time, you could cook only on weekends, freeze the leftovers, and reheat throughout the week. With more practice and experience in cooking, you will become faster and more efficient with it.

Personally, I cook twice a day from unfrozen foods out of my fridge. I’m not saying it’s the only way or the best way. It certainly isn’t the most time-saving method but it’s what I do and I maintain clear skin. I also tend to do things the hard way.

You will save money this way.

People eating on the go feel their food is cheaper because they buy one meal at a time. When you grocery shop you buy a huge amount of food and spend a couple hundred dollars. It’s icky feeling. Of course,  it makes sense in the long run to buy food in bulk.

Eating prepared foods is more expensive because you are paying for a person to do the preparation. Even if you buy dirt cheap food at a fast food restaurant, you are still paying extra for the employees to prepare it for you. You may pay the transportation and storage costs at the grocery store but you cut out the chef. You pay those costs and more eating at any restaurant. If you cook at home you are doing some of the work and cutting the cost.

Cooking at home creates less waste.

This may not be a good enough reason on it’s own but it is a benefit. You will avoid creating tons of plastic and styrofoam waste if you cook at home and wash dishes. You are doing your part in feeding yourself as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

Millions of people throw out tons of trash every day from eating on the go. Fast food containers, soda bottles, and all sorts of other trash fill bins everywhere you go. It’s all in the name of taste and convenience. I wouldn’t mind the effect so much if it were containers for healthy food but most of it isn’t.

Grocery shop. Cook at home. Carry food to work if you must. Control the ingredients in the food you eat. The time-saving effect of eating pre-made food on the go is not worth the skin destroying cost.

You must maintain control of your food to end acne. The only way to really do this is to buy and cook your own food.


7 thoughts on “You Must Cook to End Acne

  1. Hi I’ve been on Paleo diet for 2 weeks
    And I’ve seen some improvements(less inflammation) but I still do get pimples.
    I eat a lot of protein:
    2x salmon 100g
    1kg of wings
    1steak 150g

    about 10 roasted chestnut per day
    And a lot of green veggies
    Plus a lot of berries(1-2 cups after every meat meal)
    So I decided I wasn’t improving enough, maybe it’s because all the sugar from the berries???
    Anyway I started cutting out the berries, because I think the sugar might be the source of my acne.
    I do not eat any milk products.

    What ways do you think I can improve my diet to gain a clear face?

    1. Marre,

      Acne is extremely persistent and you have to be equally stubborn in attacking. I would double check all the food you listed for any hidden ingredients. Remember to read the ingredient lists. For example, when you say 1kg of wings, is there any type of coating or batter on these wings? Are the roasted chestnuts roasted in vegetable oil? Try to get sun on your skin when possible, but don’t overdo it. Finally, consider your fat soluble vitamin intake (vitamins A,D,E,K, K2) Generally this means supplementation since most people are deficient. I use cod liver oil.

      1. I’ll check the ingredients. I make the food myself, there is no vegetable oil used in any of what I eat, and I just started taking fish oil capsules. I truly appreciate you replying a message, it means a lot me!
        How much time do you think it takes to obtain a full clear face from mild acne, from your experience or knowledge.
        Thank you very much!

        1. Marre,

          Check those ingredients. Scrutinize carefully. Unfortunately, in today’s modern world, this is what it takes to conquer acne from the inside out; extreme vigilance. In my experience, mild acne can be the most stubborn and difficult to eradicate. Once you’ve straightened out your diet and lifestyle to your body’s liking, acne normally subsides quickly, as in a couple weeks. After that it may take several months for marks and scars to diminish. Keep at it. Be relentless and you will succeed.

  2. Hi, for the last 40+ days I have been eating Paleo, I also refined my diet that I eat only vegetables and meat.
    Nowadays I eat fish,chicken wings,beef and sweet potato, carrots and other green vegetables. I saw an incredible improvement in my skin, but I still get a new pimple everyday or so.All my food don’t contain any oil or unnatural stuff. I also take Cod Liver Oil like you suggested. My face is not clear, in fact very far from clear. I am 16 years old, I guess it has to do something with my hormones. What do you will help me gain my clear face, I am determined and persistent and haven’t cheated even once. Please help!

    1. marre,

      I would start without the rice and see if you can clear your skin. Once clear, try adding rice alone back to your diet and see how your skin responds. Best of luck.

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